Cosy in the cane basket

Today Yatzie had a nice and necessary wash. After the wash we cleaned the puppy box and while doing that we placed all the puppies in a small cane basket. When Yatzie saw her Angels in there she stepped in herself. So there they were all together in the little basket, The puppies started drinking and it was just the cutest sight in the world! So I made a lot of photos!

Once the puppies were back in the puppy box Yatzie stayed in the basket and slept there for half an hour!

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  • Corine en Wouter • 15 februari 2014 08:13:43
    Aaahhh, wat lief en grappig. Vast een heel fijn mandje volgens Yatzie :-)
    En wat een mooie portretjes van de engeltjes <3

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