The first pigeon


Today, at the hunting training, the time had come to retrieve a real bird. Last week Yatzie was for the first time in contact with a pigeon, just smelling it. This time I used a clicker to teach her to grab it with her mouth. I held the bird in my hand. Click and meatball at first interest approximately 5 times, then click and meatball when she opened her mouth over the bird. I then put the pigeon on the ground and as soon as she picked it up, even though it was at the tail - party shoutings, hipp hipp hurray and lots of meatballs. Then that session was over.


The trainer then did the retrieving exercise "Forward", where the dummy is approximately 20 meters ahead in a straight line and the dog has to run straight out without having seen it being placed there. I sent Yatzie "forward" and she took off. I thought there was a textile dummy to pick up, but back she comes without hesitation with the pigeon! Well done - my brave girl!

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