A lot of dogs in the kitchen!

Of course our doggies always follow us when we go to the kitchen. And once in a while they - of course - get a sweet! It is a lot of dogs these days -  and so much life and joy!

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  • Elaine Fichter • 20 maj 2012 07:09:48
    Hi there, try 7 in half the size and they are all waiting for something to drop! Cute photo!
  • Yes, Elaine. My thoughts often go to you and all your dogs when I think it is a lot here, and then it suddenly seems like nothing with ours! Barts mother used to have 8 - Rotweilers! Now she only has 5 dogs, 3 of them Berner Sennen! More about them another time!

    22 maj 2012 17:47:55

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