On the boxbike

This is a "bakfiets", boxbike or cargobike in English. This old fashioned trades vehicle had a revival in Holland in the 80s and you now see them on the roads all the time here. Mostly you see parents transport their kids in them, but I thought why not use it for the doggies!? Since my dogs always want to come along they both jumped in and sat quietly - for a short while.... Then woops and they were out of there! I guess we will stick to the car after all...

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  • Lisa in Canada • 16 mars 2015 03:11:13
    Thank you for posting pictures of your dogs in a bakfiets. I am trying to decide on a bakfiets myself for my 2 dogs (20kg and 5.5kg). Is the box on your bike a "short" or "long"? I can get a good price on a short box, but I'm not sure if it will be too small for 2 dogs, but in your pictures, the box looks short. Unfortunately, I can't test one out. There are no nearby dealers, so I have to order one in. Thanks for your help! Adorable pictures!

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