Big bang

I took the dogs to a nice park tonight, parked the car neatly along the road. After 20 minutes or so, around 17.15, I heard a big bang, thinking "Who is doing fireworks around this time". The dogs reacted too. Yatzie and Moët had a lot of fun, Yatzie swimming after birds in the lake, Moët admiring her a little worried when mum went far away. When we got back to the car some men were standing nearby. I was worried that they were upset about me parking near their houses, but they pointed to my car and said - it was hit by a van who took off. I could not believe my eyes. How damaged can a car get when standing alongside a road in a quiet area? This must have been a lunatic. A car race or something. It was our new big Volvo, bought for the dogs and kids all to fit in. I am heading for Sweden next week for Christmas, so everything is now a big question mark. Imagine if Yatzie had not taken off on that hunt, and I would have been back by the car 10 minutes earlier? Thank God nothing happened to us.

Sad car - but happy dogs!

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