On the farm in North Holland

Again we spent a lovely weekend with our friends Gertrud & Werner who live on a farm near Groningen, North Holland. Yatzie and Moët were looking foward to seeing their friend the drentse patrijs Fledder! Moët played throughout the days with Fledder. But even though Moët is very energetic and loves to play she was the one who had to hide herself under a curtain to get some rest when Fledder wanted to go on! The family also have two beautiful black and white striped cows in a field just outside the kitchen window. A good and exciting experience for the dogs to be near the cows. In the beginning Yatzie started barking when she saw them moving in the field but later she got used to them. One of the cows has been mated with a male in the neighbourhood and a calf is expected any day!


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