Video: Introducing the water bowl

Today I introduced a water bowl in the puppy room. The puppies ability to lick develops these days. I captured the very first lick of water! Some of the puppies prefer to just walk around in it! In the second video one can also see that the 16 day old puppies have already started playing with each other! The puppy box has now been opened so the puppies can walk freely in the room. That makes it more difficult to catch a good view with the webcam I am afraid, because you never know where the puppies are in the room and the camera can not get it all. So I am sorry about that, for those of you who used to watch a lot, but there is nothing to do about it. In the night and in the morning they are still in the puppy box, and the camera will catch them, but then the light is low on the other hand.

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  • Yoka • 6 oktober 2011 14:06:36
    Lovely pups so cute!

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