Scary, wet flight

Yatzie saw hundreds of birds on the other side of the canal and were already far away when Moët followed her. Moët took off from the shore of the canal and threw herself in the water! Scary it seems - look at her frightened eyes! - but how brave of her! I was not prepared that she would jump in, I thought she would walk in there, but fortunately I was fast enough with my camera to catch the moment! We had a super walk with friends and Moët followed Yatzie wherever whe went. So cute. I carried Moët in a back pack on my front from time to time, but she was not happy with that at all, so I put her down rather quickly. When we got home she had a bad pain in her paws so next time I must keep her in the pack back despite her complaints! We met a group of golden retrievers - the family had 8 I think - and they were interested to say hello to the little puppy sticking her head out of the bag!

I am coming to help you chase those birds mama!

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