First price in Open Class

Yatzie won 1st Price in Open Class at the International Dog Show in Vallentuna today and a Reserve CACIB! Excellent type, good proportions, strong head, perfect fur, good movements were some of the remarks from the judge Annuka Paloheimo. In Open Class she competed against her friend Ruffa (daughter of Elvira, Yatzie's sister), who did her first officil show and also got very good remarks (see more about her on Ruffa´s blog). See how different the two relatives look! But they have the same loving character. BIR and Best bitch was given to the brown Barbet Funka from Batterikullens kennel. It was at first a very rainy day but fortunately Yatzie and I did not get wet. We arrived exactly when the rain stopped and later on the sun came out. After the event Yatzie enjoyed herself by a nearby lake chasing some birds and cooling down.

Etiketter: exhibition ruffa funka

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