Fun with Fenna (video)

Fenna (Elyssia de l'Esprit de Bonté) Fenna (Elyssia de l'Esprit de Bonté)

This week we met up with Fenna, (Elyssia de l'Esprit de Bonté) at the Gaasperpark in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. The sisters Fenna and Moët play wild and free together. It is so nice to see them. Fenna has a very jolly character, she is witty and fun, says her owner Mariel, and that is also the impression you get as soon as you see Fenna's sweet smiling face! Along came Mariel's wheaten terrier Luka as well as our stay-over Ollie who also enjoyed the wild playing!

Free music: Danosongs, The art of Gardens

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