Happy Easter greeting!

In the Roest-Kempemo house things are slowly getting back to normal... It has been two heavy weeks seeing the beloved angels leave, but now there is time for long walks in the sunny spring weather for Yatzie and Moët again! Yatzie has been looking for her puppies in the evenings but it is over now and it was not as difficult for her this time, as when her first litter left 2 1/2 years ago. Some puppies have already come to visit and then Yatzie has been soooo happy to see them! I will post some films when she overjoyed is playing with the puppies visiting. I also have a lot of lovely photos of the puppies and their new families, and it will all be posted here in the coming days. Sorry that it was so quiet lately...

Now we wish everyone a lovely Easter weekend! You will soon hear from us again!

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