The puppies 3 days old

Moët is getting used to her new role as a mother now. The very first day she did not clean up after the puppies, but now she does! And Yatzie helps her. It is so cute seeing both of them together in the whelping box, licking the little buts clean. All puppies eat well and Moët is fully dedicated to them. She only leaves the room to do "her thing" outside and then rushes back up the stairs to her little miracles. When they have eaten she sometimes lays outside the box to cool down. The temperature in the box is higher than normal through the heating lamp and it gets very warm for her. But when she hears them peeping she joins them again. 

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  • gertrud • 20 september 2015 18:18:09
    gefeliciteerd met jullie nieuwe pups.. ziet er weer heel gezellig uit en wat zijn ze weer mooi.
  • Anja • 20 september 2015 16:52:20
    Moët is a great mom and Yatzie is a great Grandmother!
  • Miranda • 20 september 2015 16:27:38
    Zo schattig!
  • Debby • 20 september 2015 15:36:55
    Wat een dotjes! en wat leuk om te zien dat er al verschil in de vachten zit van de pups.. qua kleur en structuur.
  • Tanja • 20 september 2015 14:21:03
    Wonderful to follow Moët and her puppies. They seem to be doing very, very fine:-)

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