A day at Jolie's

Yatzie's puppy Jolie (Zofiel) lives i north Holland, with her sister Vledder, a Drentse Patrijs dog. We visited last weekend and all four dog's had a ball together! Jolie's family lives on the countryside with big fields and even their own cows in the garden. There is a young calf that they bottlefeed daily and Vledder drinks the milk from around the mouth of the calf! It is so cute! Jolie is a sweetie, happy and playful, and it was clear that she recognized her mother, sister and me! She kissed my face all over! Jolie has the same sweet look as Yatzie and Moët, with a wavy head and more curly body. 

Jolie! Zofiel de l'Esprit de Bonté

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