Two bold noses

Under these sticks, logs and bushes one, two or maybe a hundred (judging by the intensity of the dogs) rabbits were hiding. Yatzie and Moët tried to push their way down to their hiding places. For hours... While Bart and I were enjoying the afternoon at Bart's brother's house, situated on the beautiful countryside of Gelderland. In the area buzzards and storks are breeding, wild boars are a common sight. Sitting comfortably in front of an open fire we experienced both sun, wind, rain and hail. Thanks Jeroen and Harriët for making the afternoon so warm and cosy! What I did not realize until this morning was that the dogs were pushing their noses between the narrow logs so enthousiastically that they scraped off their front nose hair! We now have two bold nosed Barbets in the house! Hopefully it grows back! :-)

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