The little dog trainer

Margot is showing dog training talents! Look how perfectly she is working with Yatzie in this training sequence. And when Saartje comes along she gets the right attention too.


After training - reward at the Rhynauwen pancake house! Holland is full of these cosy pancake houses. And in this one we met another young talent - the pancake cock who made Margot her favourite pancake with cheese and bacon on it!

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  • Ineke van Olphen • 13 januari 2011 20:18:01
    You are an artist, what a lovely photos. I put them all in my Iphotoalbum.
    It made me so happy to see Margot with the doggies. I miss you all very much and hope to come in the spring. Hopefully you will still be there (wishful thinking!)
  • Maja Holmström • 10 januari 2011 22:21:15
    Vilka vackra bilder! Helt fantastiska!
    mvh Maja/Dixie/Lucy

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