Golden sunset beauty

There are moments, even for an amateur photographer, when everything goes right. The light, the timing, the camera settings - and, when working with dogs, the object to be captured behaves! A minute later the magic was gone.


As the sun was setting last Sunday, by the river in l'Isle sur la Sorgue, Yatzie started sniffing intensely in the bushes by the river side. Deep into the bushes she went. Yatzie has a very good nose. I knew there was something. And then for a second I caught a glimpse of it, inside the clear water - a 20 cm long, 7 cm thick, grey, hairy water animal that quickly hid in a safer place. There are moments when you wish your eyes were the camera and you could just blink...


What could it have been? Anybody knows? Yatzie did not see it, but she is happy by the excitement of sniffing itself. Later when I called her out of the bushes she did not come, she just stood there... Her fur was totally entangled in the thorny bushes and she could not move at all. That is what you get with a curly Barbet by your side!

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  • Elisabeth • 6 december 2010 22:14:43
    It was a nutria (a mouse beaver, also called coypu) I saw in the waters I was told! Looked it up and yes, that was it! They have killed dogs... but are normally very shy. Thanks to God that this was a shy kind! See a picture here

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