Saint Lucia brings light

On the 13th of December every year we Swedes celebrate Saint Lucia. In schools, churches, shopping centres, companies - everywhere there are processions with girls and boys dressed up in white gowns, candles in their hands, singing songs about Advent and Christmas. This year Anna, Yatzie's mini-mom, was the Lucia in her school Kevingeskolan. It was a fantastic performance. Yatzie did not do quite as well as Lucia I am afraid...

Swedish traditional lussebulle! Swedish traditional lussebulle!

Saint Lucia lived in Italy, in the 3rd century and she was a devout Christian. She refused to marry the pagan man appointed to her by her parents and was sentenced to death and tortured. To symbolise the blood shed, the Swedish Lucia wears a red ribbon around her waist. Lucia brings light and joy in the Swedish dark days of winter as we await the joy of Christmas. And last but not least Lucia brings Lussebullar, a traditional kind of bun made with saffron that every Swede eats a lot of this day and all through the Christmas period!

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  • kerstin neld • 3 januari 2011 16:10:14
    Vilka fina Lucia-flickor vi har Du och jag syrran!
    kram kerstin
  • Märta • 27 december 2010 18:04:13
    Hälsa Anna. Så fin hon var som Lucia.Krama Yatzie.
  • per arne kempemo • 14 december 2010 21:11:18
    Vilken fin bild på Anna. Yatzie är härlig som lucia Hälsningar pappa
  • Ruffa • 14 december 2010 14:48:18
    Yatzie, vilken fin hemsida du har fått! You're adorable! :)
    Nu har Ruffa skrivit om parningen på sin blogg också - so the word is out!

    Hoppas vi får till en stund för lek och bus i snön innan du far till Holland igen!
  • Bart • 13 december 2010 22:51:26
    Anna looks like an angel!!

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