Where is Yatzie?

Suddenly Yatzie was no where to be found. We had just returned home from grocery shopping and were unloading the car. Both dogs were around. Then she was gone. We searched in the house, around the house, all of us started walking around the area, the neighbours helped. Yatzie had never dissapeared like this before. I thought that maybe a rabbit turned up by the house and she was out on the hunt of her life. I took off on a bike shouting her name, asking the whole neighbourhood if they had seen a black, curly dog. No. No. Again no. Returned home after half an hour, no one had found her. I called her name again. Then I heard something! A paw scratching a door... THE SHED!!!! There she was my little sweet heart. I then recalled having stored some bags there and Yatzie had apparently followed me without me noticing. We keep the dog food in that shed so it is always interesting for her to come inside. Yatzie was so happy to get out of the darkness and the rest of the family to be all united again! Celebrated with a cosy moment in bed with Margot and Bas!

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