Visiting the city

Today Yatzie came along to the city of Stockholm to do some Christmas shopping with me and mini-mom Anna. Yatzie is so relaxed in the underground, even when it is packed with people. She learned to travel on public transports when she was a puppy, accompanying me to my office in the city every day. We had lunch at NK, the only shopping mall in Stockholm where dogs are allowed everywhere - as well as the most exclusive one which is a perfectly natural combination! Yatzie behaved well in the shops, lied down and waited patiently. Reward - a nice bite of the ice-cream on top of Annas brownie!


Bought myself an early Christmas gift - a 50 mm Nikon lens for portraits. Anna tried it out on Yatzie on the way home - see the results below! Well done Anna!

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  • Désirée • 14 december 2010 15:37:35
    dear Elisabeth.
    I visit Yatzies blog every day and I absolutely loved these photos of her. Anna has captured her sweet face and lovely eyes so well. Sometimes we copy photos to our I-pod to look at and to show to people - this last one is definitely going on as well!!!
    Love. Désirée
  • Yes Désirée, Anna captured Yatzies sweet and quiet spirit i these pictures. Elisabeth

    15 december 2010 11:02:57

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