The hunter's eye

If it runs, if it flies, Yatzie's eyes turn into an eagle's and her focus is fascinating. Then the hunting pose, front leg up high, concentration. That is my hunting dog, my beloved Yatzie, that at times drives me crazy believing the prey is much more interesting than her master's dummy... like today, at the hunting training... But I tell myself, do not give up on the training... do not get angry... Yatzie is just in her element and I started late (I hope not too late) with the hunting training. When there is a prey or a fresh trace she turns deaf, she is only nose and eyes. When not she is all ears, an excellent dummy retriever, doing every step right, with lots of joy! Let's do it Yatzie, let us work for the hunting diploma together!

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  • Willemien • 13 mars 2011 17:02:13
    Hej Elisabeth,
    Ja visst, jag följer dig fortfarande... Saknar dig och Yatzie här i Danderyd. Det blir även vår i Sverige. Silas är nytvättad och svansen finklippt och väntar...
    Hade du skickat mail? Geurt sa det, men jag har inte fått något. Vi hörs, ha det bra. Puss, puss, puss Willemien.

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