A very special guest from Poland!

What a joy - Yatzie's daughter (Moët's sister) Ambeloui aka Beli from Poland came to visit us today, to be part of the reunion of our kennel, together with her owners Marzena and Agata. We had not seen her for 5 years! She has had two nests during this time at the Kennel Splendeur Dorée Barbets. We already knew she was a beautiful barbet, but now we could see her with our own eyes! 

Yatzie and Moët were very curious about her, and the three girls spent a lot of time during the resunion to get to know each other. Who is she this girl, Yatzie and Moët seemed to ask themselves? She seems so familliar but why is she not submissive to us like all other dogs :-) ? 

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