A Jolie mix of brown and white

Jolie is a puppy from Yatzie's second nest, and she just turned two. I had not seen her for a year and what a surprise is was to find that her solid dark brown colour had developed into an amazing mixture of dark brown with white. I find it so beautiful! I have never seen anything like that in a barbet before. We all had a great time as we were walking on the fields of Groningen this past weekend. Yatzie lost herself digging for a field mouse. We even saw him run away as she was digging into his safe place, poor little thing. Jolie's owners like to keep her fur short, and see what a huge different the cut can make, in the picture where the two half-sisters pose together! Jolie is a very happy and loving dog, and she still recognizes and gets very excited when she meets her first family. That is always a nice feeling for a breeder!

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