The Miracle Story

This evening Moët had met her lover Claude for the second time, in his house in rural west Wales. It had gotten late and darkness had fallen. In our vacation house a few kilometers away our family and Bart's delicious lasagna was waiting for us. The mobile connection was really bad in this area so we had not had contact with each other for many hours. I drove along the narrow, winding roads in our Volvo V70 when suddenly, in a bend over a hill, a big van appeared in high speed in front of my eyes. Within a second the two cars collided in a very hard crash. Time stopped and for a short moment I drifted away, to a place of light and peace, but then the smell of smoke from the airbag woke my senses up, and in less than a second I was opening the trunk holding my darling Moët in my arms. Shocked but unharmed we sat down along the road, cars stopped nearby and kind people came asking who we were, if we were harmed, ambulances and policevans arrived. At our vacation cottage the lasagna was getting cold and Bart was experiencing a restless feeling, wondering why we were not coming home. When he and the kids arrived at the spot of the collision Moët was just as happy as always, kissing their faces. She was totally unharmed both physically and mentally. I had some blue spots and minor pain here and there, that was gone after 10 days. The counterparty was also unharmed. Our Volvo was total loss. I dare not publish the photos - they are very scary to see but do stress what a miracle it was that we survived...

I will forever be thankful for the Miracle that happened that night, for the Angels watching over us. Now you know why this litter got such a grand name - The Miracle Litter!

Claude and I
Claude and I

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