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Yatzie, Moët and I have a favourite place for walks. You have seen it before on the blog - by the lovely waters in Vianen. When the sun is shining and the wind does not blow too hard we get in the car and head direction east. It is not far from where we live but after an hour there you feel so renewed. Most of the time you meet the beautiful Fjordhorses or the long-haird cows. Fouls and calfs were recently born. Today the three fouls found the grass on the side of the beach more tasty than that which growing more plenty on the field. Yatzie and Moët love Vianen because there are so many rabbit holes to investigate! You can spot the two in action behind the fouls if you look well on the photo below. Then a refreshing dip and hopsigay again gone following a track to some muddy place!

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