New feeding procedure

It is a lot with 10 puppies for a first time mother. I admire Yatzie who took on her responsibility with much devotion. But she is sometimes overwhelmed with the great needs of her babies; they run faster, they scream louder, they suck harder. So together Yatzie and I have come up with a solution for her to be more restful during the feeding. She lies down on her favourite pillow or on a bed and I bring her the puppies 5 by 5. This way I also monitor that they all get to drink enough. More needy puppies get an extra drink from time to time. I stay with her, cuddle her, encourage her, give her drink and food. She enjoys this new procedure. She comes to get me when it is time to feed, even during the night. It is truly sweet how she trusts in me and I am honoured by the shared responsibility. I became an amma. Sometimes, when there is a group of dogs living together, the bitches help each other to nurse, some even develop milk - I did not :-)!

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  • Renate • 6 oktober 2011 07:17:12
    It's a great feeling to look after the puppies together with the female and I just love it. And yes, sometimes I think that I'm becoming a dog during a few weeks. Enjoy it! It's a fantastic time and something very special to live together with Yatzie.
  • pappa • 5 oktober 2011 11:14:17
    Tänk vad valparna är söta och så duktiga Du och Yatzie är som orkar ta hand om samtliga 10 på ett sådant fantastiskt sätt.

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