Saviour meatballs at New Year

The fireworks at New Year frightens both Yatzie and Moët (despite a lot of puppy noise training). But I have found a way to get around the worst half hour after midnight - Swedish meatballs from IKEA! They hypnotise the dogs who totally forget about the terrible noise outside. I just keep feeding them for half an hour with small pieces with the volume on the television on the maximum! Then the worst is over. We are blessed with understanding friends that either have dogs themselves or respect the fact that the dogs need be around us at New Year and not left alone. So they take part in the party! The kids also give them a lot of attention and cuddeling as you can see in the pictures!

Midnight New Year. Getting the dogs attention away from the fireworks - with meatballs!
Birthday boy Bas, 12 year at midnight, with his brown curly haired girlfriend!

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