Cosy Lucia morning

Dec 13 we Swedes celebrate the martyr Saint Lucia from Syracusa, Italy. All children dress up in white robes, star hats for boys, glitter and candles for girls. Then we sing, sing, sing and eat lussebullar and peppaarkakor. It is a way to bring light into the darkest period of the year and to remind the world of Christ's coming. This year I arranged for SvtWorld, and could watch the Swedish Lucia program that is on at 7 o-clok every Dec 13. This year there was a huge choir procession in the dome of Uppsala and a Lucia with Indian background I think - beautiful. I made the living room as cosy as can be with a fire, candles and prepared the traditional lucia buns - Yatzie loves them! A very "gezellig" morning indeed!

Lucia morning in Utrecht

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