Barbetclub get together

Yesterday the Dutch Barbetclub organized a member meeting with hunting training at Zeewolle. Is there anything more enjoyable than watching lots of Barbets in their retrieving spirit as well as just playing together? The hunting training showed that there are many retriever talents amongst us -  also in the young puppies. See the lovely pictures of Marga's Rysia. Moët did fantastic too! She went mad over the rabbit dummy (the very first rabbit dummy unless you count the real one from some weeks ago...) and did not stop running to get it out of the bag that was on the ground... At the end of the day some of us went to the beach where Whoopi, Bisou, Yatzie and Moët had a great time chasing each other and retrieving the water dummy!


To the right:Broen bringing the dummy to master Corrie.

Rysia 5 months retrieving a rabbit dummy!
Whoopi likes to roll around in the sand! Afterwards she looks like this!

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  • judith • 6 april 2012 21:27:44
    Wow, Elisabeth, what a beautifull pictures again. And what a joy the dogs showed. Happy Easter!

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