An unforgettable night in the reindeer collar at Tjokkola, Stekenjokk mountains in Swedish Lapland.

Even though they are living wild and free, every reindeer has an owner. During the marking this year's newborn calfs, that are captured with the help of a lasso, get a unique series of cuts made into their ears by their owner. The Lapps nowadays drive the reindeers into the collar with the help of helicopters and motorbikes. When we arrived at 22, after a 2 hours long walk, the reindeers were just being driven into the collar. We left at 00.30 while the Lapps were still working. It was a magic experience that we will remember forever. The dogs loved the long walk in the wild nature full of exciting things to discover, and they behaved perfectly near the reindeers. I was surprised that they did not react more intense.

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