Temperature drop

It is starting! Yatzie's temperature has dropped by almost one degree. It is a sign that the body is preparing for delivery. It can now take up to 48 hours until the puppies are born.
I knew already last night that something was happening. In the night Yatzie stood by the stairs saying: Come on, we have to go upstairs to the puppy box mama! I followed her and she went to lie down in the box, digging, sighing. Yatzie does not want to eat very much, so now I feed her delicious egg yokes and sausages while she is laying on the couch. It is a normal reaction not to want to eat, since it is better that the bitch's stomach is not full during delivery. But she still neeeds some energy to do her work!

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  • Eva • 8 februari 2014 18:01:48
    This is so exiting! Even if there is no puppie for me. It is so nice of You and Yatsie letting us to follow this adventure.

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