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My life with the French waterdogs Yatzie born 2007 and her daughter Moët born 2011. Barbets are purebred, active, relaxed and allergy friendly dogs with a soft and loving spirit. I am Swedish but live with my dogs in Holland. I hope you will enjoy the blog! Enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

2011 > 05

Last week Ruffa and Yatzie did some rally obedience training together. It was nice to brush off Yatzies skills - it was a year since she did any such training. Since then rally obedience has become an official dog sport in Sweden and some of the signs were new to us. In fact, most of the time, when we have competed in rally obedience, the mistakes made I caused... Mini mum Anna joined us this nice summer evening. After the training the dogs did some water retreiving in the cold water! Thanks to Ruffas mum who made this nice collage of pictures!

Etiketter: ruffa, anna

Yatzie won 1st Price in Open Class at the International Dog Show in Vallentuna today and a Reserve CACIB! Excellent type, good proportions, strong head, perfect fur, good movements were some of the remarks from the judge Annuka Paloheimo. In Open Class she competed against her friend Ruffa (daughter of Elvira, Yatzie's sister), who did her first officil show and also got very good remarks (see more about her on Ruffa´s blog). See how different the two relatives look! But they have the same loving character. BIR and Best bitch was given to the brown Barbet Funka from Batterikullens kennel. It was at first a very rainy day but fortunately Yatzie and I did not get wet. We arrived exactly when the rain stopped and later on the sun came out. After the event Yatzie enjoyed herself by a nearby lake chasing some birds and cooling down.

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This past weekend Yatzie and I went hiking with our dear neighbours Willemien, their golden Silas and 10-year old daughter Julia. The weather was perfect, sunny and a bit windy. Saturday afternoon we walked for 2 hours til we reached our destination - a wind shield by Trehörningsskogens Naturreservat along Roslagsleden. It was like paradise there, by a small lake. Yatzie and Silas enjoyed exploring the area and the lake. After a gourmet dinner made on the open fire we slowly prepared our beds for the night - believing we would get quite a nice sleep... The dogs took turns to guard us. As soon as they heard the slightest sound or saw something moving the warned loudly! Then the mosquitos started buzzing and biting. After that it was getting cold... By half past five we had not fallen asleep yet and thought we might as well get up! The dogs just got off their night shift and finally crawled up by our sleeping bags.


We started a big fire to heat up and was on the road again already at half past six! We had quite a long trip in front of us but made nice stops along the road, with coffee and biscuits. Soon after 12 the rest of the Lam's met up with us and when we finally reached the car we were all exhausted but very happy and content with the trip. Yatzie put her head on the back of the car seat and her eyes closed in a second! I attach a mix of good and bad pictures.


PS: Afterwards I heard that we had passed through an area where a herd of wolves recently had attacked and killed a dog, while it was on a peacful walk with its master and a baby stroller.... Glad the dogs were keepin guard all through the night! DS

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Rufz is Yatzie's half-brother. They know each from Yatzie's very first days here in Stockholm and are very good friends. But today Rufz was not as much fun as he normally is, limping around with pain in his paw. Two days ago mummie Camilla was out biking with him and her son Rebuz. Rufz needed to do a pee so badly he did not wait for Camilla to stop the bike but just stopped himself.... Crash, boom, bang. Camilla focussed on saving her child and was able to catch the bike with her son that was about to hit the ground where she was already lying. She injured her ribs, got a scar in her face and bruises here and there - but the son as well as the bike stayed unharmed! What a female hero! 

Etiketter: rufz

Yatzie has a special love for grandpa and on his birthday today he got a very wet kiss! Later, as we were all sitting around the dinner table, Yatzie put her head on the kitchen sofa waiting for a permission to jump up. She was allowed, as always when she asks so politely. On the table was a crystal bowl with some left over cream. Anna fed Yatzie by the finger, but finally she (Yatzie!) thought it was easier to just lick the bowl herself!

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  • yoka • 28 maj 2011 14:29:04
    I have to say Yatzie is really a beautiful barbet wow!
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Last week I found a run-away dachshund in a neighbour's garden. She had been around for some hours so I thought I'd better call the police to see if she was reported lost. Answer: No. So I took her home waiting for the Police to come pick her up. In the house she immediatley located the closed cupboard where I had kept some old toys of Yatzie's and did not stop making noise until I had opened it. She threw herself into the toybox and had so much fun. She totally adored Yatzie's rubber mouse that makes noise and we played together. Yatzie kept a good distance because this sweet, cuddely little dog was very aggressive towards other dogs. After midnight the Police came to pick her up. I called them the day after and was happy to hear the run-away was back in her house! I am sure her family was very happy to have her back!

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Near the world famous tower Turning Torso in Malmö there is a wide dog park near the sea. Minimum Melise and Yatzie did some retrieving and agility there together, as we stopped by on our way to Stockholm. Summer had arrived in Sweden, and a ladybird (nyckelpiga) found a cosy resting place in Yatzie's fur!


PS Yatzie's long dark beautiful hair fooled the police in Malmö who stopped us as we were driving believing their was a child sitting illegally on the lap in the front seat of the car! We all laughed when we realized the mistake! DS

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Etiketter: melise, yatzie

Yatzie can bike! Not very well, not alone, in the lap, but still! Spent a few fabulous days in a forest in north Limburg where Yatzie could run around free in the forest, digging, hunting, getting herself dirty just enjoying life.

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  • Marianne • 18 maj 2011 22:29:14
    Dear Elisabeth,

    I'm so happy to have witnessed by the pictures that Limburg was delightful! Hoping that you time in Sweden is happy, and at the same time hoping you miss Bart terribly ;)

    Love and hugs from Voorburg,


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  • June • 4 juni 2016 16:31:26
    Beautiful Barbets! Has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years to have a Barbet of my own! Someday! ;)

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