This is Chico!

Chico was delighted to make acquaintances with Yatzie. Yatzie, on heat, but not ready to welcome admirers yet, kept a distance when Chico was getting too interested. Yatzie can really say NO then -  I taught her that! Their first meeting took place on the beach walk in central La Spezia. Marion, Chico’s owner was there and also brought with him his second Barbet, Matahari. Ezia, Chico’s breeder, was helpful in setting up the rendez-vous.


Chico proved to be a joyful, lively dog with much affection towards his owner and breeder. He has a strong male appearance, with a wide breast and a strong head. His 60 cms make him a nice match with Yatzie who is 54. His fur is nice and curly and a bit more woolly than Yatzie’s, which is a good combination. After an hour of walking around the park in 35-40 degrees we were so hot we headed for a swim in the sea. Tomorrow the to be lovers will meet up again!

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