Barbets in Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark is touring around Holland. Of course dogs were alllowed! It was an exciting hour in the ark for both kids and dogs. There were both fake and real animals: birds, goats, horses.


About the Ark: The Ark is approximately 20,000 m2 in size. Noah's Ark is a fun day out for young and old! Come aboard this replica of the oldest and largest wooden ship in the world and take part in activities the whole family can enjoy. You will see what Noah's Ark would have looked like, and how Noah and his family must have lived. Read more on


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  • margot • 9 februari 2013 23:18:25
    het was daar echt super leuk met zijn alle.
    en met lieve pony`s erbij, mooie pauwen en heeeeeel veel vogels!

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