On the train to Sweden

For the first time Yatzie and I travelled all the way from Holland to Stockholm by train – a trip of totally 18 hours (but we stayed a night in Malmö)! It went very well despite 5 train changes. Between the trains I could walk her. Yatzie is so easy to bring around. She follows me tightly and never makes a fuzz with other dogs. In our last compartment were 6 dogs and 2 cats!


We had to travel first class since no tickets in 2nd were available, which added to the comfort. In Europe (not in Sweden where it is for free to travel with pets!) one has to buy a ticket for the dog. Fortunately I did not have to pay 1st class for Yatzie. At some point Yatzie thought: Well, mum got a ticket, so I am gonna sit on a chair as well! In Germany the rule is that dogs must wear a nozzle. I brought one but fortunately never had to put it on

From Amersfort to Osnabruck
On the train from Hamburg to Copenhagen
At Hamburg train station

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