A happy birth-day!

On my birthday Yatzie gave birth to 9 puppies: 5 girls (3 black, 2 brown) and 4 boys (3 black and 1 brown). Yatzie is a wonderful mother, giving the puppies her full attention. She has a lot of milk in her 10 nipples. Well done Yatzie! What an unforgettable birthday!

This little one was the first one to come - look at her tail standing right up! She knows she is special!

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  • margot • 18 september 2011 19:48:26
    Ik vind ze zo erg lief en schattig!!!!!!!!!
    Ik vind het super leuk dat ik er bij was!!
    Groetjes margot
  • Ik vind het ook super leuk dat dat je er was. Wat een goede helper je was! Jammer dat Bas niet in staat was om daar te zijn. Ik hoop dat hij zich beter voelt! Kussen van mij, Yatzie en de pups

    18 september 2011 20:01:23

  • Päivi • 18 september 2011 19:27:55
    Great news! Congratulations!!
  • Ewa Thurfjell • 18 september 2011 18:04:57
    Grattis till valparna
  • Julia • 18 september 2011 10:46:54
    Stort grattis till de små!
  • Marga • 18 september 2011 10:46:22
    Congratulations Elisabeth and Yatzie, 9 puppies, wonderful and also a birthday gift like my puppies. Our barbetgirls are doing well to give us the most precious gift.
    A lot of succes with the little ones. Are they all okay?
  • Gunnel Svinhufvud • 18 september 2011 10:14:22
    GRATTIS till valparna!!! önskar Gunnel, Joachim och hundarna.
  • Melise • 18 september 2011 09:39:52
    NAWW!sååå söta! hoppas att jag kan komma och se dom någon gång :)
  • Tomasz • 18 september 2011 08:54:52
    Bravo Yatzie, bravo little ones. What a great day.
  • Renate • 18 september 2011 07:12:01
    WOW! Great news! I wish you a wonderful time with Yatzie and her puppies in the coming weeks.
  • Elaine • 18 september 2011 04:37:52
    Bravo Elisabeth for your commitment and determination. It paid off and symbolically, on YOUR birthday!

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