Farewell sweet, happy Osher

The time has come to say goodbye to the last Miracle puppy - our sweet and happy Osher! His new daddy Chris is flying with him in the cabin to Toronto where his new mummy Ula will be waiting for him. Osher will join the big pack of barbets at the kennel The Friendly Barbet, located in Ontario. His new owners have big plans for him. He will be trained a hunting dog and if he does well in the ring and passes all the tests he will be used as a stud dog in their breeding program. We are very proud that Osher may                           be contributing to the development of the barbet breed. He is a well built barbet with a happy and loving character, he is open and confident. It is very hard to part from him, having had him with us longer than the others. But we know that he will have a wonderful life with the friendly barbets in Elmira, Ontario and be a blessing to his new owners! 

Osher with his new owner Chris Pepper visiting Utrecht.
Osher with his new owner Chris Pepper visiting Utrecht.

A last hug from the kids

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