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My life with the French waterdogs Yatzie born 2007 and her daughter Moët born 2011. Barbets are purebred, active, relaxed and allergy friendly dogs with a soft and loving spirit. I am Swedish but live with my dogs in Holland. I hope you will enjoy the blog! Enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

2014 > 04

Today Yeyezel came to visit us! After a while Yatzie and Yeyezel started playing so joyfully. Yatzie is very allowing with her puppies - you can see how Yeyezel is pulling her ears and attacking her in all different ways. And Yatzie is just laughing!

Yesterday we had the chance to pass by Luna! Oh the joy when Luna and Yatzie saw each other again. I have no photos from that moment but Anja, Lunas mum, sent a lovely film of Luna playing football in the garden! What a great sport for our energy bomb! Sorry that the film is turned wrong....

Luna playing football!

On our walk today we came across a field with sheep being groomed. When I saw the amount of fur that was shaved off I realized that grooming a barbet is not that complicated after all! This time of the year I always place the shaved off fur in the bushes in our garden hoping that the birds will find it to make their nests super soft!

Muriel was the last puppy to leave us, and she is now exploring the streets of Stockholm! With Joakim and Emily she will have a fun city life and come along with them everywhere, even to work! Of course the big forests of Sweden are never far away and I am sure she will soon be running in full speed under "björkar och tallar"! We were happy to be able to enjoy Muriel a few days extra. She is a very sweet dog that follows easily and shows a lot of affection. We will miss you tremendously little Billie!

Muriel with Joakim and Emily before take-off at Schiphol.
In this bag Muriel flew to Sweden in the cabin with her owners!
Muriel came along with us the the hockey field and was very popular amongst the kids!

Two dogs from Yatzie's litter will move to Sweden. Jeremiel, the angel of hopeful visions and dreams, will fulfill the dreams of Eva and Stefan in Norrköping. Jeremiel is a very self secure, relaxed male, and the largest of all the puppies. He will be a joy to have around as a buddy, and I expect that he will do very well in the show rings of Sweden as well! It is hard to see him leave so far away from here, but of course we must give the best we have to my home land Sweden! Jeremiel will be called Dante.

From left: Muriel, Zofiel and Jeremiel.

Angel - a powerful bitch, full of energy and at the same time so sweet! She now belongs to Barbedoux kennel (Brigitte Waller-Rengelink) and will, if all goes well, have puppies in a few years! She is co-owned by a good family in west Holland where she gets all the attention she deserves! And she keeps them very busy and alert! And with such a lovely name she will of course be called - Angel!

Jolie left on Yatzie's birthday, so we had a reason to eat a nice cake! Jolie left on Yatzie's birthday, so we had a reason to eat a nice cake!

Some puppy owners have managed to find the perfect call name for their angel. Zofiel, the angel of beauty, will be called Jolie which of course means beautiful! She is a beauty, not only to her appearance but also in character! Jolie is very joyful, brave and fun – even though she always was the smallest of the puppies she was never ever the most timid! She moves to our good friends Gertrud and Werner with their two children Stan and Brit in Groeningen. There she will live on the countryside with cows and chicken, and her brother will be the Drentse Patrijs Vledder! Moët and Vledder always played very well together so we think they will be the best of friend as well, Vledder and Jolie! Bye sweet heart - we will see you soon again!

Zofiel and Brit will enjoy each other!

Cherubiel is a special barbet, beautifully built, not very high on his legs and with an extraordinary wide head. That is why we gave him the name Cherubiel - Prince angel of the gates of heaven, head of the choir of Cherubims, meaning: The Flames Which Dance Around the Throne of God. That is something to live up to!!! We do have hopes for him as a barbet stud and have found a sweet family in Rianne and Rien in Breda that are willing to let us show him and prepare for a possible career as a stud. He is very friendly and open to other dogs. He will be called Frits.  

Nosekiss for Bart from his favourite puppy Cherubiel!

Phanuel, the angel of the divine presence and hope, was the puppy that ALWAYS was on your lap. He demanded it and was impossible to resist... Could there be a better name for him than Balou? He will live in east Holland, with Majorie's family. Every Thursday he will be staying overday with a neighbour barbet, Ollie and we believe they will be best friends. Majorie is a hair dressae so we expect that Balou always will be perfectly groomed ;-) !

A bye bye kiss for the big sister!

We will stay co-owners of the sweet girl Yeyezel, the angel of divine consolation and comfort, in the hope of breeding with her later on! In Wouter and Corine we have found the perfect guest family for Yeye. Not only because they live nearby and have a great hand with dogs (and kids!) but also because they are just very nice people! We wil be seeing Yeye regularly to keep bonding with her and make sure that she finds our house her second home so that having her puppies here will feel totally natural. Thank you Wouter and Corine for the possibility of sharing Yeyezel with you in your role as guest family.

Celebration on 8 april! Yeyezel went to her new family and Bart turned 47!

Nahaliel, our happy little clown, will be living with the young couple Tineke and Jonathan in Haarlem. He will be coming along on the bike and public transports to all the places they visit, he is especially looking forward to the beach in Bloomendal, and he will have two poodle friends by Tinekes parents!

Our light blue boy, Umabel, the angel of affinity and friendship, is now living with his big family of 5 in Utrecht! He will be very busy playing with his three small sisters and brothers - and that is good, since Umabel always was the most energetic boy in the litter! Bye darling, glad we'll see you often!

Bas gives Umabel, his favorite puppy, a good bye kiss!

In the Roest-Kempemo house things are slowly getting back to normal... It has been two heavy weeks seeing the beloved angels leave, but now there is time for long walks in the sunny spring weather for Yatzie and Moët again! Yatzie has been looking for her puppies in the evenings but it is over now and it was not as difficult for her this time, as when her first litter left 2 1/2 years ago. Some puppies have already come to visit and then Yatzie has been soooo happy to see them! I will post some films when she overjoyed is playing with the puppies visiting. I also have a lot of lovely photos of the puppies and their new families, and it will all be posted here in the coming days. Sorry that it was so quiet lately...

Now we wish everyone a lovely Easter weekend! You will soon hear from us again!

Yatzie 7 years old today - mother of 20 and so in shape! You're the best!

Raising a litter, from the moment of birth, when you assist the tiny helpless creatures to take their first breath, to the day you see them leave in the arms of their new owner, is like a 9 week long marathon. Towards the end you are totally exhausted, you have given all that you have and you are approaching the finnishing line. But the medal is bitter-sweet... Sweet because of the joyful expectations you see in the eyes of the new owners that have been waiting for so long for their barbet love. Bitter because with every puppy that leaves a piece of your heart is ripped out.

Breeding is a passion. My husband sighs and says there must be other ways of doing this, that leaves some space for normal family life, where the house does not have to be turned into a gypsy mansion and the garden into a djungle. Where we can have an undisrupted night's sleep and be able to eat breakfast together, without the odours that come with infants... But when I look into the sweet trusting eyes of each individual barbet that I have been given to care for, I know that there is no other way. Not for me. They deserve my full attention, my love and care day and night. I love each one of them so much and to see them go causes a lot of tears and eats up my energy. Does it really make a difference, my husband carefully asks, if you do all that for your puppies and let them be an integrated part of your daily life and totally invade your heart? Who can tell... but I believe it does.

But now you must imagine the grand feeling when you walk down the stairs in the morning and 20 glimmering eyes are looking up at you with love and hope for a day filled with adventures and cuddles and fun, their little bodies jumping from joy and making funny sounds. Or just imagine the feeling when 10 soft bundles of love fall asleep on and around your lap, snurking while you scratch their ears... And imagine as days pass by, mails and photos arriving from the owners of your little angels with love stories, telling of how much joy the new family member brings to everyone, how he trust everyone, how quickly he learns and how much goodness, loving kindness and gentleness he spreads...

Do you understand now why I breed? Despite the bitter feeling this last week of the marathon, the joy is overwhelming. Your heart is filled with love. And do you also understand why you did not find any blog posts this past week... There are now three puppies left. Two leave tomorrow...

Hanael, the red angel girl, was the first to fly off to her new family. She will be called Luna (moon) and live in Limburg with the sweet family of Anja and Erik. Hanael is one of the most playful girls in the litter, and with this energetic family there is a perfect match. Bye bye Luna, and see you soon again! We miss you here! But at least our couch is now in better order ;-) !!!

The happy couple, Anja and Erik, with their Luna (Hanael, red angle girl)

Yesterday was the last night with the whole gang ("Sista natten med gänget" in Swedish, and the Swedish title of the famous American movie American Graffiti). Before "bedtime" I always cover the whole floor with newspaper to take care of whatever "happens" during the night (I also clean a few times per night though). Then it is time to sleep in my eyes... but the puppies sometimes think different and like to make a big mess in all those papers on the floor! They have their wildest moments early mornings and late at night and here is a snap shot in the dark of what it can look and sound(!) like! Today Friday the first girl, our playful Hanael, is leaving... It is time for them to discover the world outside the house even more but this period is always very emotional...

With a puppy owner that normally works as a bus driver it just had to happen - taking the puppies on a busride! It was a total chaos with 10 puppies, Yatzie and Moët, 6 adults and 7 children on the road and then stepping on to the bus. It was the first time for the puppies to walk on a line so it was a lot of new experiences for them - and us! Enjoy the puppy chaos in this 3 minute long video from the moment we leave the house, wait by the bus stop, ride the bus and back by the canals outside our house!!

Toffee, the father of the puppies, visited us today.  What a great feeling to have the whole family gathered together. In this picture Toffee meets his little girl Zofiel who has inhereted his brown colour. The puppies took the chance to drink from mama Yatzie while we were making the photos!

Finally the shots of the puppies taken by Sonja last week individually. It was hard to find the time to place them on the blog. More will come of each dog later!

The happy dog family!!!

A cute sequence from the interaction between the puppies. They are really talking to each other as they are inviting each other to play.

For Moët the arrival of the ten little brothers and sisters has been an overwhelming adventure. It must be easier to adjust to the new situation for the bitch that carries the puppies, because the hormones guides her behaviour. Moët of course had no idea what these little moving "toys" were when they arrived. Delighted and at the same time frightened she slowly got to know each one of them. Even though they steal most of the attention she is used to get she has now come to a point where she can enjoy their company and even play joyfully with them from time to time. But she has no clue that starting this weekend they will be leaving us one by one...

The puppies having fun in  their own big garden! We have been so lucky with the weather the past two weeks. Every day the puppies are free to go in and out in the garden or if they prefer play inside.

The puppies are getting wilder! They bite and ruin whatever they find in front of their nose - this time it was Tom's socks!

The puppies took over Yatzie's dogbed - but she does not mind. This is simply one happy dog family!

Peter got a warm and wild welcome when he came for a coffee this morning! 10 puppies happily jumping around on his lap, biting his ears and nose!

It is such a lovely sight to see Yatzie playing with her puppies. They are now big enough for her to enjoy a more tough way of playing but you can still see that she is very careful with them. She still cleans them as well. It is so cute! The puppies lay on their back for her. These are very important moments for the puppies to learn to be humble before an older dog and to learn to play in a decent way. If the puppies get too wild Yatzie tells them!

Having a short quiet lunch break eating a toast is difficult with 10 barbet puppies in the house! We now let the puppies get access to the whole bottom floor from time to time. It is just so nice to have them all around!

The friendly neighbour labradoodle Tommy spent half an hour with the puppies today. Cherubiel found a big brother in Tommy and even dared to steal his toy!

ofiel making friends with Tommy

A barbet book!

The first book about the barbet published in Europe is here! 308 pages, 300 photos, in hardback  for years of enjoyment. Order the book here: The book is available in English and Dutch and can be shipped to all countries!
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Authours: Elisabeth Roest Kempemo and Brigitte Waller-Rengelink. 

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