The little baby bird

In a small pond in a park nearby us Yatzie saw some birds that she started chasing in the water. Looking at her from the other side of the lake I saw her behaving in a strange way - she went out into the water just a little bit and then returned to the bank of the pond, then back into the water. My heart froze - did she get hold of a baby bird? Now is the time for the eggs to break and I had forgotten to check the water before I let her go. Yatzie has never caught anything alive, she has only chased and kept hoping. I ran over to her side. In the grass lies a young bird covered with seaweed. I check it out, remove the seeweed and oops, back it jumps into the water. Yatzie had carefully carried the baby bird in her mouth and lifted it out of the water, once it was on ground she just went back into the water. I was so relieved that the bird was not injured! And fascinated by Yatzies gentleness in catching the little bird. I was so chocked though, I scolded Yatzie, "NOT ALLOWED" and afterwards asked myself: how can I scold her today when she retrieves a bird and train her tomorrow to do the same... I asked my hunting trainer who said: Yatzie did well. You should not scold her...

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