Au revoir Django

This morning the lovers Yatzie and Django had a chance to play around in the frosty fields under a clear blue sky before saying au revoir. It was a joyful moment, rolling around and playing the way Barbets do. You can note in the movie to the right that they have a similar kind of body language. Yatzie does not play this way with any dog.


Geneviève, Djangos owner, and I shed a tear when parting. She is an adoreable woman, who pours out her sweetness and love not only to Django but also to foreign new friends! Thank you Geneviéve, we both will miss you both!

Au revoir Geneviève and Django

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  • mamma • 30 november 2010 21:06:14
    Hej älskling! Vilka härliga bilder du har tagit. Ledsen att jag inte fattat detta förrän nu. Man kan se att de tycker om varandra så vi hoppas att allt går vägen! Vi längtar efter er.
    Kram, mamma
  • Elaine Fichter • 30 november 2010 14:08:35
    After all the weekend events(and the previous days') which were very colorful, now we have to sit back and wait, wait, wait...Fingers crossed!
    Keep up the great work!

  • ineke • 29 november 2010 23:34:14
    What a love story. I hope it will bring you and Yatzie what you both are longing for!


Yatzie and Django playing in a frosty field.

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