On ice

Sunny cold days here in Holland - that makes all Dutch pull their skates out and gather on every icy spot around. We spent Saturday afternoon on the ice at the Maxima Park by the beautiful tea house. Yatzie goes a little crazy when we are on skates, it is strange to her, but she came along with Bart around the skating rink after a while. She can handle the slippery ice. Moët and Yatzie had a lot of fun chasing each other (on the snowy parts to protect their hips) and just enjoying being outside with us all. There was also a splendid black horse with a carriage that took people around the area. The race is an old Dutch breed called Friesian horse. In the 12th century they used to carry knight to battle. The Friesian is very popular as a carriage horse, as it is a powerful horse and its high-stepping action is eye-catching. I found its beauty breath taking. If I am ever able to buy my own horse maybe this will be the kind!

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