Barbet cuddles x 7!

Today Yatzie and I were invited to Elaine Fichters home. I was so much looking forward to seeing all her seven Barbets, that I have read about and seen on Elaines website for many years. They were thrilled to get a new visitor and wanted to check me out and cuddle and cuddle, like Barbets do! Yatzie waited in the car the first half hour since, well, you know why! Tried to get some nice photos of the whole group, but it was not easy...


Yatzie was very shy to enter into the tight pack of dogs (no males around now). I had to carry her and put her down inside the gate. I did a goody rain to distract the dogs so that Yatzie would feel more relaxed. It worked fine and I think she handled the situation very well. It is never easy for a dog to enter into a big foreign dog family.


All the dogs were so sweet. Coming very close to me, asking for and giving love. Elaine does a lot of research on the history of the Barbet and showed me some of her documents. If you are interested to know more there is a lot of interesting information on Elaines site.


On our way back to the hotel, after a nice riverside dinner in Macon, Yatzie and I had a walk along the river by the old Macon bridge! See her posing in the gallery below!

Thelma, Coccolina, Yatzie and me at Elaine's house.

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  • mamma • 30 november 2010 21:17:21
    Elisabeth! Du tänker väl inte behålla alla valparna? Det kan man tro när man ser dessa fina bilder.
    Kram, mamma
  • Anna Neld • 30 november 2010 20:05:51
    Hej Elisabeth! Underbart fin blogg. Vilket arbete att få till den så fin. Längtar tills du och Yatzie kommer hem. Många kramar från hela familjen.


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