Birds, birds, birds

The Barbet is originally a fowl hunting dog, an excellent water retriever with a special talent to search for the shot fowl in reed and marshlands. The hunting instinct is stronger in some lines of Barbets, and Yatzie has a lot of it. During our walk in the Amsterdamse Bos last week Yatzie was very interested in a group of birds in one of the canals and I let her run freely there for a while. She has never caught a flying bird and I hope that will never happen. And when she jumps into the water the birds are of course much faster than her. She does not seem to understand that and chases them in the water with the same enthusiasm, sometimes barking as she is swimming, while the distance is getting wider and wider between her and them. 

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  • elaine • 9 mars 2011 13:18:41
    Hi Elisabeth!
    If Yatzie can find and retrieve a still "warm" dead duck out of thick shrub and bring it to you, she could have a BCE, at least 2nd category. These photos say it all!
    Take care

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