Danger in the canal

It was a cold but sunny morning and the dogs were enjoying a walk in a new area by some canals full of coots - Yatzie's favourite bird. She was swimming after them and Moët was watching her, running back and forth between me and Yatzie. This part is what you can see in the movie. Then comes the dangerous continuation: I suddenly see Moët in the water - she had thrown herself into the canal to get to Yatzie on the other side. I had seen her get into water before and was not worried until I realized that her method of swimming did not bring her forward, she was swimming but on the spot. I encouraged her to come towards me but it did not help. After a minute or so she started to sink just a little and I got very worried and immediately stepped out in the canal with one foot, believing I would reach the bottom - but there was no bottom. Somehow I got a hold of Moët and threw her onto safe ground, then lost balance and was now with both my legs up to the waist in the muddy, cold, smelly water. I managed to get myself out of there - but what a sight I was! At the same time I tried to make Moët feel good, so that she would not be traumatized by this dangeruos event. Conclusion: Water dogs also need to take swimming lessons. Tip: Keep your puppy leashed by deep water!

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  • Judith • 20 december 2011 11:52:04
    What an adventure! Hopefully neither you nor Moët have been catching a cold...... I wish you and your family a save, dry and warm Christmas under the Christmas tree. Greetings, Judith & Whoopi.

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