Yatzie + Chico = true

Yatzie will be mated this summer with the Italian stud Piero della Francesca called Chico. See how sweet he looks! Those deep brown eyes, just like Yatzie's! Chico has a cheerful, affectionate and lively character and he is a great swimmer. He is 60 cm tall and 4 years old. He is already the proud father of six puppies born in September 2010 in Canada. Both Yatzie and I are so excited and can not wait to meet Chico! He lives in La Spezia on the Italian riviera.

> Read more about Chico here

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  • Axel • 29 juni 2011 18:01:10
    Han ser fantastisk ut! Hoppas allt går bra med parningen och att Yatzie föder några fina valpar :)

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