Busy in the villa

I do not know how other families with many dogs do it - but when we go away for a weekend I always bring the dogs! It is not easy to find a place where: 1. three dogs are allowed 2. it is nice and cosy 3. there is nature nearby 4. you're are on the ground floor with your own entrance 5. it is affordable. But sometimes, after hours of searcing on the Internet you find that perfect place! Like last weekend that we spent at  Villa Beaulieu  in Bergen, north Holland. The first night we were in a one-roomer - see how cosy it was with dogs all around the bed! The days after we had more space, our own kitchen, three terrass doors and just an amazing time. The dogs love to spend all day together, is it on the floor nearby us, on the lap like Moët always wants, in the restaurant or out in the nature! And of course I love it too!

First night - dogs took more space then we in that little room - each one on their own dog bed!
Saartje is so old, suffering from artrosis, she can not get into the car so we have to carry her in and out.

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