Yatzie's big belly

The pregnancy has now reached day 46. The puppies are more than 7 cms long! All their little organs are already developed and the fur has begun to grow. The coat is one of the last organs to form, as is the skeleton which only begins to ossify in the final third of gestation. I have for days now laid my hands on her belly to try to feel the puppies moving. Today I think I felt a little movement in there, but I am not sure. These are the days when you should be bale to feel them! Yatzie has gained 4,5 kilos already and her belly is enormous. On the first photo you can see her big belly, even though a lot of hair is covering it. I am planning to shave her one of these days since she gets very hot when she is inside. It is also more hygenic during the whelping period with a short fur.

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