Today I made healthy liver goodies for Yatzie. Boiled the raw liver, cut it into small pieces and then dried it in the oven. I am trying to be very careful about what I feed Yatzie with, now that i expect she is expecting. Extra iron is needed.


Yatzie was very interested and of course tempted... it is almost a torture to be surrounded by that fantastic smell and unable to get to it. When Yatzie was a puppy she once tried to steal a piece of meat from the kitchen counter. I caught her in the act and told her it was not allowed. Since then she never did it again. Fabulous dog! So today I thought I could risk letting her take one piece from there. I put one small piece on the tip of the counter, pointed to it and said Varsågod (her go signal). She got her nose up on the counter, but saw that there were much bigger pieces, actually whole uncut ones, and of course choose one of those instead. Barbets are smart dogs. I got it out of her mouth (sorry Yatzie) after a little fight. Since I was the one who was unclear in my instructions to her I finally gave her a big part of it.


Now I have a lot of small bags with liver goodies for our daily walks and training. I usually put them in the freezer, even though I have dried them, since I do not dry them totally. They get so hard then. They stay fresh for 3-4 days. Yummie Yatzie!

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  • Désirée • 11 december 2010 10:37:28
    Dear Elisabeth. Of course i am following Yatzies blog with interest. This is another very cute one - and a good idea as well. I am planning to do the liver treats myself once we get our baby barbet :-) But... i read the phrase about Yatzie expecting - you mean its official yet that the mating was successfull???? I am still counting the days to know :-)
    Love. Désirée
  • Dear Desiree, We will not know until after New Year, long waiting. I changed the sentence not to create wrong impressions. Glad you follow the blog!

    11 december 2010 10:46:27

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