So sad - no puppies there

Even though Yatzie has been showing many signs of pregnancy no puppies were seen in the ultra sound. She is pseudo pregnant. What a disappointment for her, for us and for everyone who was looking forward to this litter. Nature wanted differently. I have cried many tears... I wish I could have brought all of you happier news for the New Year. Of course I will give Yatzie a new chance in the next heat in June. We just have to get used to the fact that there will be many more days of waiting and hoping... Yatzie is so sweet and cuddely, more than ever, in this state of hers, and we enjoy her tremendously. You are the best Yatzie, we love you and cross our fingers for you for the next time!

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  • Arno • 11 januari 2011 22:42:21
    Dear Elisabeh, hopefully more luck this year!
  • Margarita Lioulia • 4 januari 2011 18:05:16
    Dear Elisabeth & Yatzie, don't be sad and disappointed please. Just have faith and trust nature. Meanwhile don't forget to enjoy life and every moment of 2011!
    all the best
  • Thanks dear Margarita. You are so right, I trust it will happen when the time is right. The best to you as well for 2011!

    4 januari 2011 18:10:12

  • Désirée • 4 januari 2011 16:30:33
    Dear Elisabeth. Its such sad news, I know Yatzie wants to be a mum more then anything. After all those weeks of waiting and hoping its a disappointment for all: for you two and for Yatzie and for us, hoping to care for one of her babies. We will all cross our fingers for the next time. Love. Désirée
  • Thanks Desirée. It will happen when she is ready!

    4 januari 2011 18:11:24

  • KERSTIN • 3 januari 2011 16:15:17
    Vilken fin bild på Yatzie (och dig) Inte ofta man får se hennes ögon! Det blir valpar till sommaren istället!
    Kram från kerstin (Anna o Axel häsar , vår dator hemma är trasig..)
  • Ja, låt oss hoppas på sommaren!!!!

    4 januari 2011 18:13:33

  • Geneviève et Django • 31 december 2010 16:30:50
    Dear Elizabeth, dear Yatze
    As we are sad we also in France, so we hoped that all those beautiful moments we bring to Yatzie beautiful babies ...
    Life has not picked this time!
    We send our best wishes for the new year with new heats Yatzie, summer offers the Barbichon we hope so.
    Close to you, with you sharing this sad news but with great hope for the future.
    Kisses and hugs
    Genevieve and Django
  • Merci chères Geneviève et Django!

    4 januari 2011 18:12:57

  • Åsa Carlberg Murakami • 31 december 2010 14:46:49
    lots of love and all the best for 2011 Elisabeth & co!

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