Leaving for Django!

At 10.16 the test was ready - light light blue! Tomorrow Yatzie will be redy and willing said the vet! It may be hard for someone who has never planned a mating to understand all the thoughts and feelings around it. Will it work out? Will they like each other? How will she react? Yatzie is like a child to me and I feel her so close. But in this case I must leave her to do her job - it is pure nature after all.


So we packed and left Cluny. Snow had fallen during the night, and the surrounding mountains were white. It was so beautiful. And more and more beautiful it became as we approached the south of France, to the destination outside of Avignon. Met a fabulous black swan at one of the resting places. You see him in the gallery. Yatzie was curious, had never seen one before.


Must rush now, will tell you more soon. Cause now I am leaving the hotel to meet Django for the first time!

The ovulation test says ready tomorrow

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