Clicker training for hunting dogs

Moët and I started a clicker training class for hunting dogs at KynoQuest. I started training Moët with the clicker at an early age. It is such a superb tool for efficient training. At the first theory lesson the trainer Let Stevens, used Moët to demonstrate learning a new command - touch. She was very apprehensive and learned quickly! We will now be going twice a week.

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  • Fiona Lucas • 28 mars 2012 09:44:18
    I have a working Barbet and although I don't use the clicker often, in the past it proved VERY useful for training a good delivery. I think it is good for specific "problem skils" !
  • Cindy Ludwig, M.A., KPA-CTP (certified c • 26 mars 2012 03:49:26
    Good for you! Just a tip - in clicker training we use "cues" rather than "commands." Cues are an opportunity for reinforcement whereas commands are orders.

    For more information, see the articles on this website:

    Good luck with your dog!
  • Hi Cindy,
    "An opportunity for reinforcement" - what a fantastic way of explaining what clicker training is. I will remember your tip! Thanks.

    26 mars 2012 08:27:24

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